Taurus Horoscope Today ♉ February 11

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Taurus Horoscope Today

News could come your way, perhaps through local magazines or newspapers, about possible renovations occurring in your community. These changes could be rather controversial, Taurus, so don’t be surprised if you hear a lot of gossip and a number of opinions, both pro and con, on the matter. You might want to delve more deeply into the facts before forming an opinion of your own. This could prove quite enlightening!

Taurus Daily Love Horoscope

A message brings you something of a shock today. But after you have read the words over and over, and taken it all in several times, you will realize that, in fact, the romantic situation it refers to is not about to end, but is about to enter an exciting and very new phase. So you can stop trembling, and celebrate instead!

Taurus Daily Health Horoscope

You feel the wind at your back with the planetary configuration of the day. You feel alive and well – despite your tendency to overwork yourself at times! Go forward with your healthful habits this week. Priority should be on eating a balanced diet – cut back on bread, and remember you can never drink too much water. In fact, a light fast would greatly increase your energy. Try to eat lightly and rule out carbohydrates and milk products every other day for five days.

Taurus Daily Career Horoscope

A thirst for new experiences will make you an ideal employee today. Your positive attitude will propel you through distasteful tasks to get at the projects you really enjoy. Put your body and soul into it.

Taurus Daily Money & Business Horoscope

The time has never been better to make new friends. Everyone could use a shot in the arm these days, even you. You don’t have to get all weepy or compassionate, but don’t go solo either.

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