Cancer Horoscope Today ♋ February 13

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Cancer Horoscope Today

Your internal fire may be feeling a bit smothered by a fierce reality check today, Cancer. Give people the benefit of the doubt. They are more perceptive than you may think. In fact, it may behoove you to get some honest feedback today from some people you trust. It could be difficult for you to sort out the truth in your present situation, since you’re the one caught in the middle of the maelstrom. Consider the perspective of another.

Cancer Daily Love Horoscope

If you have been silently pursuing someone special, then you may find that you make some measurable progress today in getting to know them. The astral energy makes you more determined than ever to push aside your inhibitions and find some way into their heart. But at the same time, don’t force the issue; otherwise you may put them off. Go at it gently.

Cancer Daily Health Horoscope

You love the frisky feeling exercise gives you – although you can also be terribly lazy! There is no judgment going on here, just try to be aware that you stand to gain a lot of joy and energy from doing just a little bit more exercise than you are currently doing! Don’t do anything drastic – just increase what you do already. If you don’t do anything, try walking rather than driving or take the stairs rather than the elevator. Take your time, but increase your movement.

Cancer Daily Career Horoscope

Like a heavy scent filling a room, vigorous change begins to descend upon each and every part of the workplace. You are able to get what you want by riding the thermals like a bird of prey, seeing the lay of the land.

Cancer Daily Money & Business Horoscope

Are you in a hurry to make a buck or in a hurry to spend it? You have to take your time. Some things can’t be rushed, and credit cards are only poor substitutes for the real thing.

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