Leo Horoscope Today ♌ February 18

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Leo Horoscope Today

You’re usually a very practical and down-to-Earth person, but today you may be more inclined than usual toward mysticism. Spiritual matters seem extremely appealing, and you could find yourself gravitating toward metaphysical bookstores or seeking discussions with people who are well versed in such matters. You also find your imagination working overtime. Indulge in a few flights of fancy, Leo. We all need to escape from time to time!

Leo Daily Love Horoscope

Today’s planetary alignment may create some tension because you and your love interest may think you have the same agenda, but actually have two differing ones. Clarification is necessary, but also a touch of openness and enthusiasm. It is as though you are both set on certain outcomes and are refusing to budge. If you can help rather than hinder each other, all will be well.

Leo Daily Health Horoscope

Today’s celestial atmosphere gives you a chance to lick your wounds – and you should! Don’t let your negative feelings go unnoticed, or they will quite likely return with an even uglier face! Pay attention to what comes up for you in the next couple days and investigate the source. To keep you focused and centered, try to get out for a walk a couple of times a day. Fill up your water glass whenever you think of it.

Leo Daily Career Horoscope

Being networked means distance is no barrier, and today you reach out in so many dimensions to so many people that communication seems to be your main function. Luckily, you’re an amazing, focused talker.

Leo Daily Money & Business Horoscope

Party, socialize, listen to friends and do it all without guilt. If it helps, know you could stumble across a pearl of wisdom or a nugget of truth. Now that has real value.

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