Leo Horoscope Today ♌ February 21

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Leo Horoscope Today

Although your partner may be feeling very sensual at this time, Leo, you might not feel much like getting passionate. You’ve had a stressful few days and can barely move, so your response to sexual overtures is apt to be lukewarm at best. Your affection certainly hasn’t diminished, but your partner could interpret your behavior that way. Whatever you decide to do, make sure your friend knows exactly how you feel and why you feel that way.

Leo Daily Love Horoscope

The celestial atmosphere brings with it the determination to boldly go where you have never been before as far as certain romantic proposition is concerned. The only problem is that you also need to cut the ties with a certain past association with whom you have been inextricably linked. Your task today is to accomplish this so that you can move on with a free conscience.

Leo Daily Health Horoscope

The planets will give you something to think about today. Maybe a new attraction appears in your life out of nowhere – or a chance reappearance of an old flame. In any case, you must watch your own behavior in order to stay true to yourself and the other person. Do what you feel and try to feel everything you do, as opposed to getting carried away in the moment. Stay grounded through exercise and a healthy diet.

Leo Daily Career Horoscope

If you have your eye on a promotion today’s the day to make your wishes known. You’re aware of your skills and assets, and others can’t help but be impressed by your willingness to admit your deficits.

Leo Daily Money & Business Horoscope

Ah, to bask in the warmth of — money? You’ve got it backwards. They don’t call it cold, hard cash for nothing. Focus more on your heart and less on your wallet if you want real glory.

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