Libra Horoscope Today ♎ February 24

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Libra Horoscope Today

A friend or relative might propose some travel, Libra, but today you don’t even want to think about going to the grocery store. You won’t feel much like talking to anyone, either. Your mind is probably on intellectual or metaphysical matters. You could just want to stay home and study those subjects all day. Tell your friend the idea of traveling sounds great and you’ll discuss it later. That’s all you can manage right now.

Libra Daily Love Horoscope

The celestial configuration makes this a very creative day, especially where love and romance are concerned. If you have wanted to tell someone how you feel, then try and find a unique and original method of conveying the message. You could try taking them out on a surprise date and dressing in a very evocative way, or finding some other unconventional means to win their heart.

Libra Daily Health Horoscope

You could feel extremely playful with the energy of today’s aspect. It’s like a trip to the park for the normally dutiful and responsible individual. You may feel like dancing for the first time in ages, or maybe even doing a little dancing under the covers, if you catch my drift. In any event, today’s planetary alignment will expose you to lots of primal energy, and it is important to seriously consider your physical outlets. How is your exercise regimen doing?

Libra Daily Career Horoscope

Your extreme charm puts a positive spin on everything next week. Each and every person you try to convince falls right into line. The group that forms treats you as a Pied Piper. You’ll pull everything together, so the dance goes right.

Libra Daily Money & Business Horoscope

It may happen a bit early in the day, but that nagging voice in your head is telling you that the week is over. There’s just no more money to be made, so spend your time on more valuable pursuits, like socializing.

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