Scorpio Horoscope Today ♏ February 26

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Scorpio Horoscope Today

While your enthusiasm is high, your resistance may be a bit low, Scorpio. Take extra good care of yourself during this busy time. Your tendency is to overdo things, attending too many parties and shopping until the stores close. Your social life is in high gear right now, but you’ll have to allow yourself some time to rest if you’re going to have any hope of enjoying it.

Scorpio Daily Love Horoscope

Although you can be very loyal to a cause or a person, sometimes long after your relationship has ceased to be profitable, you may begin to feel the stirrings of discontent as far as one particular partnership is concerned. The aspect of the day could mean that you feel a sense of restriction rather than happiness. Today you may choose to do something about this.

Scorpio Daily Health Horoscope

Today’s aspect works harmoniously to bring you a warm sense of well-being. There is not a cloud in the sky, unless you encounter someone else not having such a great day! Focus on this energy and keep to yourself and apply this energy where it is most needed: your health. Listen to your body and give it what it truly needs. There is no reason you can’t feel this way every day with a little attention.

Scorpio Daily Career Horoscope

You’re somewhat suspicious of a new initiative, and rightly so. Don’t let that lead to friction with those above you, though. The initiative may soon go by the wayside but the bad feelings won’t fade.

Scorpio Daily Money & Business Horoscope

Just how you want to spend your day is elusive. It feels downright subliminal. But it shouldn’t be as hard as all that to come up with a satisfying day. Toss ideas back and forth.

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