Cancer Horoscope Today ♋ February 29

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Cancer Horoscope Today

You can expect to run a lot of errands today, Cancer, even though you would probably prefer to stay at home. You have obligations to fulfill for friends and family, and you can’t bear to let them down. Try to get everything done as quickly as possible so that you’ll still have the afternoon free for yourself.

Cancer Daily Love Horoscope

Today’s aspect may encourage you to want to escape into the romance of your dreams. And while a certain person may seem to be the ideal companion for such an escapade, it may be best to take a more down-to-earth-view of the proceedings before getting too carried away. By all means, enjoy a great time together, but also be aware that things could change.

Cancer Daily Health Horoscope

Consider today’s aspect as favorable to focus on what you are feeling, so that you can directly express it to someone else. You want to know more than whether you are happy or sad – you want to be able to express to someone in detail what you are feeling. This is the state of being truly understood. To start with, try to understand yourself. This necessarily begins with knowing what your body needs every day. Plenty of rest and healthy nourishment are just the basics.

Cancer Daily Career Horoscope

Ideas whirl and fly into your life like spinning plates, providing an exciting performance piece for your day. Keep the ideas spinning and enjoy the performer’s high. Coworkers love it. Innovation and joy result.

Cancer Daily Money & Business Horoscope

Everyone is being extra cautious and a bit indecisive. With the general mood such as it is, it’s hard to find anyone willing to get involved with what they are skeptical of. Make it your job to spell things out.

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