Gemini Horoscope Today ♊ March 1

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Gemini Horoscope Today

Unsafe conditions could exist around the house, Gemini, which may result in accidents if they aren’t rectified. Some may not be readily apparent, so warn family members to be careful. This isn’t a good day to do any heavy work around the home. If you’re planning major repairs, it might be a good idea to postpone them. This is, however, a good day for planning such repairs, as you can be especially methodical right now.

Gemini Daily Love Horoscope

Today’s aspects may mean that your partner (current or prospective) is a little reluctant to get into the immediate spirit of love, but given some encouragement, they will soon perk up. As people often have a tendency to give to others what they would like to receive themselves, perhaps a color-coordinated mobile phone, or a book of exotic love techniques would rouse your love interest’s interest.

Gemini Daily Health Horoscope

Sometimes there just isn’t enough room to express yourself in full – and that’s a bummer. Today could be one of those days where you are ready to shine, but no one gives you the stage! Try to pay attention to yourself when no one else seems to be doing a very good job of it. Do you have any health concerns that you’ve been ignoring? Consider treating yourself to a visit to a massage therapist…

Gemini Daily Career Horoscope

You assist others all day long — it’s time to do something for you, and you only. Treat yourself well. If the weekend isn’t long enough to transform you, then stretch it out for as long as you can get away with.

Gemini Daily Money & Business Horoscope

You’re intelligent enough to go it alone, but if you got some partners, you could really take things to a deeper level. That’s only one aspect of the benefits of business relationships. The other, of course, is financial backing.

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