Sagittarius Horoscope Today ♐ March 1

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Sagittarius Horoscope Today

Setbacks on the job might have you a little depressed and worried. Don’t worry, Sagittarius; all will be well. Think of this as a challenge to overcome. Your natural practicality and efficiency will see you through. Someone isn’t being totally honest with you. Encourage people around you to open up and communicate a little. What they say may not be all that agreeable, but at least you’ll be better able to assess the situation.

Sagittarius Daily Love Horoscope

You and a loved one may become carried away by an idea that seems too good to be true. The position of the planets encourages you to be careful that you don’t go to extremes, and become so involved that you fail to see problems lurking beneath the sweet scent of success. By all means, plot and scheme, but get the advice of another before putting your plan into action.

Sagittarius Daily Health Horoscope

Though you can probably see farther than anyone, others often think you just like staring at the wall (because they don’t realize you can see through it!) Don’t put up with this! Give yourself some credit, and start giving shape to your dreams in some small way today. If you’ve thought it, it can be done. If only to ward off the insecurity of genius, get out the tools and make a start at making your dreams a reality.

Sagittarius Daily Career Horoscope

If you’re tempted to put yourself first today, do it in a healthy way. Draining your bank account will only add stress. The real value will be in restraint and affordable self-care.

Sagittarius Daily Money & Business Horoscope

You might not have been prepared for the unexpected, but who was? Different people respond differently to being abandoned. You’ll find out if your confidence in money enough to carry you through this rough patch.

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