Leo Horoscope Today ♌ March 2

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Leo Horoscope Today

You may be feeling especially concerned with others today, Leo. Your thoughts are with the less fortunate. Perhaps you should consider teaming up with a local church or other community organization to help your immediate community. Your spiritual well-being is also important to you today, and you should do something to honor this part of you. It could be hard for you to keep yourself grounded.

Leo Daily Love Horoscope

Today’s planetary aspect may signal the beginning of a very exciting time for you – a time when a new relationship actually looks like it is about to deliver on the promises that came with it. You are about to step over a new threshold that will change your beliefs and outlook, and also the circumstances in which you find yourself. Life may never be the same again.

Leo Daily Health Horoscope

It’s never too late to go in the direction you want to. Today’s planetary alignment lights up the path not taken, and even a steadfast person can be inspired to turn and make its way to a new opportunity. Indeed, your inner voice will tell you something under this transit and it is in your best interest to listen. Calming, relaxing exercise will help you. Yoga, Pilates, stretching, lifting weights – whatever you find grounds you. Hot baths are also recommended.

Leo Daily Career Horoscope

If you’re the office oddball, then it’s time to use your creativity to your advantage. Others will be impressed with your ingenuity, so don’t hide in the closet. Next week is a great time to get out there and make a name for yourself!

Leo Daily Money & Business Horoscope

When times get tough, having fun is more important than ever, so grab your share with both fists. Let yourself go hog wild for a change. In fact, that’s not a bad idea for a great costume.

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