Leo Horoscope Today ♌ March 4

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Leo Horoscope Today

Opportunities to increase your income by working out of your home could well present themselves today. There might be more than one, and you could be tempted to take them all on. Think about this carefully before you commit, Leo. You’re feeling energetic today, but that could flag on future days. Consider the situation honestly and objectively before making any firm decisions. You don’t want to regret it later.

Leo Daily Love Horoscope

This is a time to plan ahead as far as your most important relationship is concerned, rather than looking back over ground already covered. The planetary alignment today indicates that this is a good opportunity for getting into a discussion about where the relationship is going, and for taking a look at all the plans and projects that you would both dearly love to work on.

Leo Daily Health Horoscope

You could be very stressed out today. Do you sometimes feel like everyone’s therapist? Do others come to you and dump their sorrows and concerns, but you’re too good a friend to reject them in their hour of need? If this is the case, you need to become unavailable in a hurry! Make an appointment to get your hair done, or schedule a massage. These may not be luxuries, but rather necessities, given the kind of week you’ve been having. It’s OK to give yourself a boost every now and then!

Leo Daily Career Horoscope

Stuffing envelopes and running errands may not be your idea of a creative job, but it leaves plenty of mental energy for more creative things. Start focusing on writing, music or art.

Leo Daily Money & Business Horoscope

The balance is shifting in your favor, but in an odd way. Your energy is being diverted from arrogance to plain old enthusiasm. Use this change to go for gold!

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