Leo Horoscope Today ♌ March 7

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Leo Horoscope Today

You’re apt to go in circles if you only see the negative side of every situation, Leo. Your lack of perspective could keep you from seeing an answer right in front of you. Your mind is your greatest asset and your worst enemy. Don’t become a victim of its automatic bias toward the negative. Once you take control and start looking at the positive aspects, the answer will become clear.

Leo Daily Love Horoscope

Today’s celestial atmosphere may mean you have a chance to discuss some of your colorful fantasies with your beloved. If your relationship has been going through a dry patch, then take this opportunity to discover more about what you both truly want. What is your heart’s desire, and what could you do differently that would make it really great to be together?

Leo Daily Health Horoscope

When something is bothering you, but you can’t put your finger on what (like today), check in to see if your body isn’t over-extended. Remember that the balancing act you accomplish on a daily basis can be very wearing on your body. You can help keep your balance from fresh juices: and I’m talking about the hard stuff: carrot, apple and ginger is a great mix for cleansing the kidneys (the organs responsible for balancing our bodies). In addition, you may want to stay out of the fray at home or work; if you see an argument or misunderstanding brewing, tell yourself it’s not your responsibility to fix it.

Leo Daily Career Horoscope

You’re very conscientious about your job, but can you bring more passion to it? Imagine of yourself in the role of a good provider if that’s what it takes to drum up enthusiasm.

Leo Daily Money & Business Horoscope

Don’t cling too tightly to your regular habits; letting them go could be your best solution. You can come up with plenty of cost-cutting ideas simply by going through your day with a pen and paper.

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