Cancer Horoscope Today ♋ March 8

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Cancer Horoscope Today

Communications with family members and others should be clear, honest, and loving. Although your physical passions may be surging beneath the surface today, Cancer, they’re still very much present. You’re likely to be feeling particularly romantic, and might want to read racy novels or go to a sexy movie. This is the night to be alone with that special person. Make sure you look your best. Have fun!

Cancer Daily Love Horoscope

You could be onto a winning combination, with today’s planetary alignment. That is why you would do better to get out and about, and not to refuse any invitations that come your way. A surprise meeting could mean you find in someone just those qualities that you have been seeking in a partner. You are usually very intuitive about, and rarely wrong when it comes to character assessment.

Cancer Daily Health Horoscope

The best recommendation I can give you at this time is to cleanse your intestinal tract. Start gently, aiding the process with lots of flushing (water and freshly pressed juices from fruits and vegetables). Lay off the milk and eggs, and try getting your protein through beans and tofu. It’s also a great time to cut back on your caffeine intake. You will quickly notice a very happy difference in your body!

Cancer Daily Career Horoscope

You’re greedy! How do you keep it up? By trying not to get too attached to people. But just like the Grinch, your heart is about to grow a few sizes. Try to be open to a new worldview, once love ambushes you.

Cancer Daily Money & Business Horoscope

Go for intellect rather than emotion. Market psychology isn’t everything. Be smart about the investments you make instead of feeling for the pulse of the economy.

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