Taurus Horoscope Today ♉ March 11

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Taurus Horoscope Today

In some ways, today could seem like a day of reckoning for you, Taurus. You might look in the mirror and see things that you really aren’t very happy with. Perhaps you harbor a sense of shame based on past events that still linger in your mind. Don’t let this shadow of insecurity continue to dwell in your life. Work through these feelings and identify the root of the problem.

Taurus Daily Love Horoscope

You generally hate rushing into anything, especially within a close personal relationship, and prefer to bide your time waiting and watching for an internal green light. But today’s astral configuration may make you more anxious to get to know just that bit more quickly. Be brave and ask the question – you may get a surprising reply, and one that is a lot more positive than you expected.

Taurus Daily Health Horoscope

Today’s astral energy gives you a chance to see your deepest ideals and values. This kind of insight is especially valuable to someone who is all too ready to help others realize their dreams. You will certainly benefit from some quiet time investigating what really matters to you. Don’t hesitate to take a stroll through your favorite bookstore and see what catches your eye. Likewise, roam the aisles of your favorite health food store and see what you naturally gravitate to, then use it in a meal tonight.

Taurus Daily Career Horoscope

The regular rhythm of work is interrupted with the splash of a belly-flop. Look around for the joyous offender and take the attitude of a cheerful bystander, ready to applaud antics that promise excitement.

Taurus Daily Money & Business Horoscope

Don’t rush out and make purchases. Don’t even bother shopping around for a deal. The best strategy is to do nothing at all when it comes to parting with your money.

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