Scorpio Horoscope Today ♏ March 12

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Scorpio Horoscope Today

You have a great deal of power at your disposal today, Scorpio. You should keep in mind that just about anything you wish for will come true. Don’t waste words or actions. Concentrate your energy and focus it on one or two important things instead of dispersing it and thereby diluting your overall power. There isn’t anything to fear on a day like this.

Scorpio Daily Love Horoscope

There is a very fiery intensity and passion around today, due to today’s planetary alignment. If you have been wondering how to get yourself noticed by that very special person, then you have it within your reach to do so today by making your intentions very clear. Don’t do your usual red herring impersonation, or wear too much black. Make an impression and say it like it is.

Scorpio Daily Health Horoscope

You may experience an increase in perspective of some kind. It’s especially important now to focus on a diet of healthy foods that nourish your mind as well as your body. Really limit the amount of processed food you eat – you may want to purge your home of unhealthy food sources that lie in wait for those weak moments. Ask your local organic grocer if there is a “farmer’s club” you can join – an economic way to have organic produce on a regular basis!

Scorpio Daily Career Horoscope

Quiet whispers of your intuition inform and direct your movements, keeping you in the spotlight and framing your demands appropriately. Authority figures respond to your requests, promptly and willingly.

Scorpio Daily Money & Business Horoscope

Being a bit of a cowboy is in your nature, but suddenly having a fixed income looks pretty attractive. When it comes to a regular paycheck, your bottom line is how much you help others, namely your boss. Are you ready for that kind of change in lifestyle?

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