Aries 2021-05-13 1353

Aries Horoscope Today ♈ May 13

Aries Horoscope Today Today’s planetary energy should compel you to commit whatever acts of self-affirmation are needed to define your territory and protect your rights. You’ll be encouraged to explore your desires and personal tastes, and to express your opinion openly and clearly. Everyone has an identity to claim! Don’t be bashful about owning yours […]

Taurus 2021-05-13 1270

Taurus Horoscope Today ♉ May 13

Taurus Horoscope Today Today your brain is supercharged, Taurus. If you’ve been thinking about doing some writing or have put off analyzing an especially tricky problem, this is your moment to get started. You’ll find all the inspiration you could ever need. And don’t worry about shocking the people in your business or home life […]

Gemini 2021-05-13 1205

Gemini Horoscope Today ♊ May 13

Gemini Horoscope Today With today’s planetary energy, you’ll find yourself a little more extraverted than usual, Gemini. You’ll finally be able to say what you really think about things. This is an important change for you, because you’ll find that expressing your ideas and beliefs will be a great help in reaching all your goals […]

Cancer 2021-05-13 1282

Cancer Horoscope Today ♋ May 13

Cancer Horoscope Today Today you’re unstoppable! You’re a very hard worker by nature, and the current planetary alignment will push you to accomplish even more than usual. You have an abundance of energy, more than enough to handle everything that comes your way. You also have an abundance of good judgment, so be sure to […]

Leo 2021-05-13 1325

Leo Horoscope Today ♌ May 13

Leo Horoscope Today Discard those items from the past for which you no longer have any real use. As much as you like to surround yourself with objects of sentimental value, there comes a moment when it’s necessary to look to the future rather than dwell on the past. The time spent cleaning your home […]

Virgo 2021-05-13 1020

Virgo Horoscope Today ♍ May 13

Virgo Horoscope Today Intimacy will be in the air over the next few days. Loved ones want to spend more time with you, and you’ll want to invite friends over every night. Social distancing might not make that possible, but there are many other ways to reach out. Some of these wonderful discussions will recharge […]

Libra 2021-05-13 1478

Libra Horoscope Today ♎ May 13

Libra Horoscope Today Feeling adventurous, Libra? You’re often motivated by your idealistic expectations, and today’s planetary configurations will push you even further on your spiritual quest. Satisfy your desire to discover new horizons and meet new people by saying hello to anyone you want, whether electronically or shouting masked from six feet away. Sometimes life’s […]

Scorpio 2021-05-13 1256

Scorpio Horoscope Today ♏ May 13

Scorpio Horoscope Today The celestial energy signals a pleasant change for you today, Scorpio. Finally, the overpowering emotions that have been surging from your relationships will subside. You are now beginning a more contemplative phase. You may feel as if you’re about to depart on a long trip, with all the time in the world […]

Sagittarius 2021-05-13 1189

Sagittarius Horoscope Today ♐ May 13

Sagittarius Horoscope Today This is a day to devote time and thought to spiritual pursuits, Sagittarius. Do something inspirational that instills a soul-deep sense of wonder. Light a candle as if you were in church, sit outdoors and watch the changing sky, or study a painting at a museum website. Meditate on your concept of […]

Capricorn 2021-05-13 1226

Capricorn Horoscope Today ♑ May 13

Capricorn Horoscope Today A new phase in your life is beginning, Capricorn. The previous phase could be interpreted as having taught you to be serious and devoted to professional responsibilities. And you certainly accomplished some good deeds to boot. Now you can relax and look ahead to what’s next. Let yourself feel the welcome tug […]

Aquarius 2021-05-13 1294

Aquarius Horoscope Today ♒ May 13

Aquarius Horoscope Today Today’s aspects might clear up some rather sketchy ideas about your professional future, Aquarius. If you long for a change, such as daring to undertake a more artistic pursuit, now is the time to begin planning exactly how to go about it. The first step is to figure out how you can […]

Pisces 2021-05-13 1351

Pisces Horoscope Today ♓ May 13

Pisces Horoscope Today You have acquired some sound confidence in yourself, Pisces. Now it’s time to show everyone else by actually putting tis new self-assurance to use in your life. It’s as though you have symbolically just completed an in-depth acting class. Well, this is your cue?you’re on! Smile as you step onstage, remember your […]