What Does the World Tarot Card Mean?

September 30, 2022

The World is the 21st trump card in the Tarot deck, and it concludes the Major Arcana sequence. It is a very important card to understand. There are many different meanings for the World. Learn what this card means for you by reading this article.

What Does the World Tarot Card Mean?


The World tarot card represents the world, and is associated with a bond between people. This card indicates an experience that you have shared with a loved one. It can also indicate a new romance or business venture. This card can also be reversed. If the World appears reversed, it indicates the need for closure or change.

The World card is one of the more positive cards in the tarot deck. This card indicates the successful completion of a project, but also reflects a need for change. Understanding the meaning of the World card can help you acknowledge your achievements and realize that you need to move on to new endeavors.

The World tarot card depicts a woman clad in purple cloth with an oval laurel wreath. Symbolically, the World tarot card represents the world and the universe. The wands she holds are thought to represent the power of manifestation. Additionally, the woman holds two batons, a nod to the Magician card. These symbols combine to depict the world’s synthesis.

The World tarot card is the last trump in the Major Arcana. It is a symbol of perfection, oneness, fulfillment, and the pursuit of perfection. It is also a sign that the world is at your feet. If you have a goal that is within your reach, the World tarot card can indicate the right moment to ascend to the next level.

The World tarot card is a great card to turn to when you are feeling full and happy. It will encourage you to enjoy your journey and to reflect on your accomplishments. The World card can also represent the completion of a long-term project, relationship, or career goal. Having achieved something that you’ve wanted for so long will make you feel complete.


The World Tarot card meaning is a reflection of your overall life situation. It is often a sign that your life is on a path to fulfillment, but you may have stalled in certain areas of your life. You may have taken shortcuts or tried to make something work that just didn’t feel right. The World reversed can also represent a time when one area of your life is taking up all of your energy. This can be a burden, and you may be looking for a way to move on.

The World Tarot card meaning can be helpful when you are dealing with a stressful situation. This card is especially helpful when you are dealing with an intense worry or need for comfort. If you are single, the World may be a good sign to start a relationship. You may also find your soul mate through a long-distance relationship. You may also be in a relationship that is experiencing some difficulties, but the journey will be worth it in the end.

If you are facing a situation in which the World is reversed, you should make a decision with caution. Reversing this card could mean that you are not living in the moment and have been ignoring others. In some cases, this may also mean that you are not taking care of your health and relationships.

The World card is often seen as an action card, but it can also represent a journey toward personal growth. If you feel that you have been suffering from illness for some time, the World card could be a sign to investigate alternative medicine.

Reversed meaning

The Reversed meaning of the World Tarot card indicates that you should be more careful about your personal finances. Although the card may suggest that you should not spend any money right now, it may also mean that you have something to be thankful for. Taking a break from your daily routine may help you feel renewed and ready to tackle whatever comes your way. You may also decide to start a new project or romance. However, the Reversed World card is not a good sign if you are not prepared to take a risk with your finances.

The Reversed World Tarot card can indicate that you have a personal issue that you need to work through. Perhaps you are struggling with an emotional attachment to an old relationship. If you are looking to gain closure, you might try visualization techniques, energy work, and journaling. If the issue is more complicated, you may try counseling to find an alternative way to reach the same outcome.

The Reversed World Tarot card can also mean that you are stuck in a rut. Perhaps you have been trying to take a shortcut and have been unsuccessful. In such a situation, you may need to reassess whether or not you’re truly ready for a new relationship.

During good times, the Reversed meaning of the World Tarot card indicates a satisfying end to a chapter. It also suggests maturity. Achieving goals and completing a project is often a relief after times of uncertainty and turmoil.


The World Tarot card can indicate a variety of things. It can indicate a relationship that is struggling or a career that is flourishing. It can also represent a situation in which you feel secluded and not in the present moment. However, if the World is reversed, it may be a sign that the changes you are seeking are not for the best.

The World can represent major change in your life, which will have an impact on the world at large. You may be nearing the completion of a personal quest, or you may be preparing for the culmination of a life-changing adventure. You may also be about to manifest your relationship goals. You may have a gift for intuition, and you may find yourself called to lead others.

The World can also indicate a change of lifestyle, which means making the decision to leave a career to pursue your artistic passions. For example, the French painter Paul Gaugin decided to leave his stock exchange career to devote the rest of his life to art. Similarly, the sudden realization of how big the world is can be a jarring experience, which can lead to fear and anxiety.

If you are not certain about your goals, the World Tarot card can help you take action to make them a reality. For example, you can take a time out to write down your personal and spiritual thoughts. This way, you’ll have a record of your spiritual development.

The World Tarot card features a woman in a purple cloth, surrounded by an oval laurel wreath. The woman is also surrounded by four fixed zodiac signs: an eagle, a bull, and a lion. This is a symbol for a woman’s ability to manifest her desires.


The World is the 21st trump card in the Tarot deck, the last of the Major Arcana. Its artwork features Christ in Majesty, surrounded by four animal emblems, which represent the four evangelists. The card’s meaning varies depending on the situation and interpretation.

The World represents the end of a phase in a relationship. You may be unsure of how to define success, and may find yourself in a situation where you don’t know how to reach it. When this card is paired with The Tower, Death, or 10 of Swords, it can suggest that the relationship is over.

Combinations on the world tarot cards often have themes of self-empowerment and personal growth. For example, The Fool can represent the need to not take life too seriously. Keeping an appropriate balance between head and heart will help you achieve your financial goals. This combination is especially helpful if you are working through personal issues.

When you see this card, you should take action. It will help you to make positive changes in your life. Try to trust your instincts and follow through with your plans. Avoid making poor decisions that could come back to haunt you later on. If you do make the right choices, your efforts will be rewarded.

A combination on the World tarot card can indicate that you’re about to make an important decision in your life. Your choices today may have lasting consequences, so it’s important to carefully consider your options and think about what you’ve already done in the past.

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